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Support for community, education, children

PMR helps children in need: the U Siemachy Association

Once again PMR had a chance to help children in need. This time we collected money for the U Siemachy Association, a non-governmental, non-for-profit organization helping young people in dire straits by providing them with material, psychological and educational support.

PMR decided to offer this Association twice the amount of money that employees would have collected. So, for every PLN 1 that we donated, PMR gave PLN 2 more. It was also decided that, instead of just giving the money directly, we would have bought some of the tools and supplies required to equip their Art Room.

On 2 June Karolina S., Ania C. and Marek visited the U Siemachy association. Thanks to your support, we managed to bring there many things that the kids will need in their art room (watercolours, poster paints, water-soluble paints, crayons, pastel sticks, etc.), in addition to 10 dictionaries that will help the kids in learning English.

During that meeting, Marek Lorek as a special guest performed a 50-minute magic show. All the children (mostly from 3 to 18 years old) , as well as the tutors, really enjoyed Marek's magic performance. Some of them, especially a young 5-year-old girl and couple of little boys were really enthusiastic about his tricks and surrounded Marek after the show came to an end.
According to what we could experience at U Siemachy, we strongly believe the children will make good use of our gifts and their "paintings" will be more colourful and even more joyful!

Many thanks to all those who contributed to make this happen!!!


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