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Global Entrepreneurship Week with PMR at Primary School number 72 in Krakow

PMR gave again its contribution to the Global Entrepreneurship Week which took place in Poland.
This time PMR representatives visited children in Primary School number 72 in Krakow providing them with a special lesson of business making. Richard Lucas, the chairman of PMR present at the event, shared with the pupils his own experience as a successful enterpreneur, encouraging them to try to become one.
Undoubtedly, it was a great opportunity for the seven-year-olds to get some new skills like speaking in public or taking part in mini-brainstorming on the subject of setting up a store of their choice.
PMR’s main goal was to inspire the children to express their ideas as far as planning business activity is concerned, including:
  • choosing a perfect localisation for the store,
  • decision making on the assortment,
  • creating an advertising poster.
The whole time a group of PMR employees was there to support and help children in carrying the task and presenting their business plans at the end.
To conclude, Marek Lorek, sales consultant and a magician, gave a special magic performance for the participants, showing that they are capable of everything they want, even learning some magic tricks.


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