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PMR Research at Data Analysis Workshop

From 21st to 23rd of May PMR Research participated, as sponsor, in the 6th Data Analysis Workshop at Rudki near Nowa Słupia. The event was organised by dr Jolanta Perek-Białas together with a group of Warsaw Business School and the Jagiellonian University students. We met to present advanced data analysis techniques and ways to apply them in social and marketing research. This year we focused on discriminant analysis, a technique used to identify and classify observation groups. The purpose of discriminant analysis is to study differences between two or more groups, based on several variables. This method is successfully used to perform segmentation, predict what buying decision customers make, or study customer loyalty.
At the workshop, the students – with the help of the speakers – had a chance to test their knowledge. The event was a perfect opportunity to understand the nuances of discriminant analysis and see how to practically apply this method.
The Data Analysis Workshop was not only a set of lectures and practical exercises but also a chance for the students to meet, share their experiences and make new friends.


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