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Workshops on self-presentation during Global Entrepreneurship Week

It has become a tradition at PMR to participate in Global Entrepreneurship Week. For this year’s edition, we hosted a group of pupils from a private high school “World”. The meeting was dedicated to self-presentation in the context of a job interview. We decided to cover such a topic as it was found very useful with regards to final exams that the pupils have ahead.
Our goal was to discuss the conscious use of image and the appropriate behavior on a job interview, emphasizing the fact that showing oneself in a positive and appealing way does not mean pretending to be somebody else. A wide range of photos from application forms was also discussed in terms of importance of the first impression.
While making a short introduction on PMR’s activities, we also managed to convince students that a professional work environment does not need to be strict and boring.
The most interactive part of the visit was a simulation of a job interview, which helped them realize that self-presentation is more difficult than they initially thought as it not only consists of appearance and knowledge but also body language. We gave them practical tips and examples on how to be successful and what the key success factors are.
The meeting proved to be mutually beneficial and satisfactory.


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