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PMR involved in Noble Box initiative

Just like in every other holiday season, PMR workers felt inspired to help the needy among us. As a result, we joined the initiative called Noble Box. The idea of Noble Box is popular because it ensures that donations directly support the neediest. Thanks to volunteers from Noble Box a list of the most requested goods was created for each family in need. Donors were able to check the lists, and then provide individual help.

At PMR, we decided to help a family of four - single mother with three little children. For one week we collected food, detergents, clothes, toys and other donations. PMR's board then provided a matching donation for the money that had been donated by PMR's staff. We intended money on the equipment; among other things we bought two couches.

Our joint effort bore fruit in a form of package, containing the gifts of the heart of PMR employees. We managed to prepare both all required items from the list and some additional gifts. Furthermore, we decided to spend remaining money on purchasing gifts for other underprivileged people.


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