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One plus one equals more than two

PMR is an ambitious company that is looking to expand the services, products and sectors within which it operates, and to continue its road to being a world class company. The shareholders (all either current or past CEOs) are fully committed to this ambitious goal. The Managing Director has set aside time to review approaches and proposals together with the other two shareholders.

We are proud of our decentralized autonomous work culture, where individuals are encouraged to come up with new ideas. Recognizing that new ideas and projects can come just as easily from outside our company as within we encourage individuals and companies to approach us with their business proposals.

You might be a talented executive in a large company who would like to have a leading role in helping a smaller organization such as PMR become a leading player to the top table.

You might be a skilled and experienced professional who wants to set up a business, offering a service or skill you already possess or know about to PMR clients.

You might be a highly ambitious professional who is trapped below the top management position you seek and are looking for the chance to be in charge of something you develop yourself.

Whether you are an individual, or represent a company with:
  • a great idea
  • relevant skills
  • an existing project, product or service that would fit well with PMR's range of services for client,
then we welcome a contact with your idea about how to take things forward.

We encourage you to send your business proposal to our management at The shareholders and top management of PMR are open to negotiate fairly with people and companies that offer genuine value.

We might well be interested in forming a joint venture, giving you a shares in a future business unit, or a profit share, if you can establish a new business unit with PMR.

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