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Full scope of market intelligence

PMR Consulting PMR Consulting ( provides a wide range of top quality, value for money market intelligence services in over 25 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, and in other developing markets worldwide. The typical consulting projects include Competitive Intelligence and strategic advisory as well as consulting at foreign direct investments or Mergers & Acquisitions, legal and economic analysis and help with negotiations or any other business services or support, including quick consulting, that a company might require in order to enter the market or gain reliable information. PMR Consulting offers a unique combination of the advice and experience of successful British, American and local business professionals.

PMR Research PMR Research ( offers a full array of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, providing services such as customer satisfaction studies, brand awareness and brand image research, distribution and competition studies, segmentation analyses, fieldwork, online surveys and customised analyses of selected branches of the economy. PMR Research's services are available in over 25 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

PMR Publications PMR Publications ( provides reliable market intelligence for business professionals interested in Central and Eastern European countries. Publications by PMR analyse the business climate in the region, in particular in the construction, retail, IT, telecommunications and pharmaceutical sectors. PMR Publications offers interactive market intelligence platform (PMR Online), both free and paid subscription newsletters, internet business portals, and in-depth market reports. PMR also runs popular business information portals about Central and Eastern European countries as well as other emerging markets.

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