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PMR provides a wide range of services a company might require to enter or research a market, test products, find a business partner or gain reliable market information. PMR Research division offers qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, international consumer and B2B market research, industry analysis and information-gathering services. PMR Consulting division services business advisory support, including market entry feasibility studies, sourcing, competitive intelligence, strategic advisory, M&A assistance and commercial due diligence.

Here you can find selected custom projects completed by PMR.

Research projects

How are Polish patients suffering from primary immunodeficiencies treated? Marketing message testing with Polish doctors

Our client wanted to conduct interviews with doctors of various specialties treating a rare group of disorders – primary immunodeficiencies. The aim of the study was to identify the treatment paths of Polish patients, to determine the level of access to medicines, and to determine the level of knowledge of  ... more »

Audit of cinema advertisements: mystery visits

An international research agency specializing in film industry projects asked PMR to provide support for a project to audit advertisements displayed before a movie.  ... more »

Models of multiple myeloma treatment in Polish health care: a tracking study with haematologists

Panel data research is a technique for tracking attitudes and behaviors of target group representatives in a given area. This type of study includes a group of the same respondents who participate in the study repeatedly at designated intervals.  ... more »

The level of use of innovative IT solutions in Polish companies: quantitative interviews with decision makers

A company specialising in consulting and analysis in the IT sector asked PMR to conduct a quantitative study among Polish companies on the subject of the latest IT technologies. The study’s goal was to evaluate the level of use of innovative tools and the level of needs in this field.  ... more »

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Consulting projects

Competition analysis of the elevator market in Russia

Our client, a leading manufacturer of elevators with a global presence, wanted to obtain detailed information on prices and the latest trends on the Russian market. The client’s main goal was to understand its position on the Russian elevator market in order to devise a strategy for expanding its operations.  ... more »

Competitive Intelligence study to optimise distribution channels for an OTC pharmaceutical market player in Poland

Our client, a major European pharmaceutical company, was interested in conducting a competitive intelligence study which would enable it to optimise its existing distribution channels and draw up a strategy for major improvements to its distribution model, analyse its product portfolio, and benchmark its sales force structure against selected major  ... more »

Competitive intelligence study for a pharmaceutical company interested in entering the Polish market

Our client, a leading API manufacturer of parenteral iron IV preparations, was interested in knowing how the market functions, what the key market players are and how strong their potential competition is.  ... more »

Strategic advisory for a leading European medical services company’s entry onto the Polish market

Our client, a leading European medical services provider, was interested in entering the Polish market and wanted to find out as much as possible about potential competitors, the legal environment and attitudes in Polish society towards private medical services.  ... more »

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