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PMR offers high quality products and services to all our clients. We deliver cost-effective solutions tailored to each client’s business needs. Our publications and services are supported by flexibility, reliability, business understanding and an in-depth marketing sense.

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Sanofi-Aventis group regularly order PMR's reports and newsletters concerning the Polish pharmaceutical market. We use PMR's services because of the strong experience of its analysts in undertaking market analysis and a high level of quality and involvement in the field of market research. We consider PMR a competent and professional company. PMR analysts understand our needs clearly and their services have fully met our expectations. I strongly recommend that company as a reliable partner in providing economic information and market analysis.

General Manager

As a Germany company doing business in Poland, we really appreciate the reliable and useful information in Pharma Poland News. Especially the information of wholesalers, pharmaceutical law changes and announcement of new products registered in Poland are quite helpful to improve our business there.

Country Manager
Dr. Kade Pharmazeutische Fabrik GMBH

I consider "Pharma Poland News" one of the best (if not the best) reviews of the press, or rather events on the pharmaceutical market. I use it as the basis for my monthly reports on the market. At first I thought I would have to seek supplementary information from other sources, but recently I have been able to rely almost 100% on "Pharma Poland News". I also like the interviews with people who really have something of interest to say to the entire "pharma trade" in its broadest sense. Another excellent idea is the information on new drug registrations. In a word, I give your publication an A+!

Medical Director

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