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For PMR, an individual candidate's potential and talents are frequently more important than previous work experience. Because a fresh, innovative approach, new ideas and enthusiasm are assets we value a lot, we are continuously looking for young and talented individuals, from the top of their classes, to support PMR in its further dynamic development. That is why we have a constantly ongoing internship programme and also offer job opportunities, addressed to graduates or students of the following specializations:
  • economics
  • journalism
  • sociology
  • marketing and management
  • international relations
  • engineering
  • philology
  • and more (if you are studying e.g. chemistry or biology but you have a general knowledge of economy and feel like developing in a business direction - do not hesitate to send us your application)
As PMR is an internationally oriented company we are keen to diversify our team by employing people coming from, or having studied in various countries.
A perfect command of English both written and oral is important at PMR, but a knowledge of another language, particularly one of those spoken in the Central and Eastern European countries will be a strong asset.
Foreign students that are Exchange Programmes’ participants and came to study temporarily in Poland are also welcome to apply to PMR
We offer you a unique opportunity to gain a valuable business experience and enjoy the friendly atmosphere at PMR.

We understand that your school obligations may require a flexible approach to working hours and that it may not always be possible for you to work full time.
If you have any questions concerning internship or job opportunities at PMR - just contact us or apply now.

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